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Photograph of the Fyrish Monument c.1900 HCA/D102/3/2/2
The Fyrish Monument was built in 1792 on Fyrish Hill (Cnoc Fyrish), in the parish of Alness. It replicates the Gate of Negapatam in India that General Munro captured for the British In 1781 and is a prominent local landmark. Built at a time when the population was being cleared from the land, it provided work for local people. Evidence of this is found in the Munro of Novar papers in a receipt, dated 31st November 1792, for the sum of “One Pound, Three Shillings for separating the stones, lime and timber of the ruin of Fyrish Hill”. The monument affords views over the Cromarty Firth and west to Ben Wyvis.
Photograph of the Fyrish Monument c.1900 HCA/D102/3/2/2